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Ethan Glover

May 2023

Every month changes to the recommended courses list will be listed here. Because it can take two or more years to go through this course list, if you want to commit to the current version, you can download this months list here. This way you don't have to worry about changes being made part way through. I've been maintaining this list since 2020 and at any given moment I believe it's a great way to learn development. But I will also continue to improve and update it over time.

Courses Added

The HTML & CSS Bootcamp: Another great introductory course from Colt Steele. Colt Steele is the best person to get you started. This course is an excellent primer to get more detailed into learning HTML & CSS properly before jumping into his larger Web Developer Bootcamp. Years in the making, the new React docs are finally here. Every course I've put on the recommended list always gets something wrong. This is the result of React's ability to change and adapt overtime. This is a good thing, but sometimes mental models around how to think about it need to change. And instructors often fall behind on their mental models. These new docs are beautifully written and justify their status as the official source.

Courses Moved

Testing React with Jest and React Testing Library: With the new React docs as the starting position for learning React I feel comfortable moving Testing React to just after than and before Josh Comeau's Joy of React. Previously, I put it second because the technical side of Josh's course would allow you to focus on testing and not worry about React too much. With first, I feel like it's important to learn to test before getting into building components.

Testing Accessibility: While this course uses some React, it's mostly focused on testing accessibility in HTML & CSS. With that, and the need to get into testing early, I thought it would be perfect to move this course up as well.

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