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The Recommended Courses page.

February 2023

Every month changes to the recommended courses list will be listed here. Because it can take two or more years to go through this course list, if you want to commit to the current version, you can download this months list here. This way you don't have to worry about changes being made part way through. I've been maintaining this list since 2020 and at any given moment I believe it's a great way to learn development. But I will also continue to improve and update it over time.

Courses Added

Joy of React: The latest course from Josh Comeau who also created CSS of JavaScript developers. Josh is very good at working with and creating mental models for understanding how things work. His explanations of useEffect (Reacts most misunderstood hook) are great, but implementations of it are lacking. Everything else, is well put together, clear, and fun to go through.

Courses Removed

Complete React Developer: This course has fallen off and reappared on the recommended list twice. It is very slow to update and struggles to keep up with React itself. Josh's new course explains how React works more in depth and with Wes Bos' Advanced React for build a real application, this course has lost its position.

Epic React: Previously included for it's very in depth explanations of React despite it's complex and unnecessary way of going through the course with a very opinionated CLI. Joy of React goes into enough depth, and covers a lot of the same topics that this course does, with an easy and intuitive way to practice skills.

Testing with Cypress: This is a short course that is likely not to be updated. Cypress is covered to the same, albeit shallow, depth that is covered in Testing Accessibility. I am keeping my eye on Cypress component testing and Storybook test runner as future methods for testing React.