Colt Steele's Git and GitHub Bootcamp

Review: Git & GitHub Bootcamp

Ethan Glover

There isn't much to say about Colt Steele's Git & GitHub Bootcamp other than that it's necessary. Git is another one of those everyday skills every developer needs to know, but sadly, most developers never take the time to learn properly. This course will take you beyond add, commit and push. It will explain the weird parts of git (like HEAD and how it works under the hood), cover visualizing diffs, stashing, amending, restore, reset, revert, SSH (for GitHub), managing conflicts, reflog, tagging, and my all-time favorite, interactive rebase. Learning all of these will make sure that as a developer, you can pull yourself out of any tricky situation and make sure you're handling version control correctly. It will put you ahead of most professional developers on git and put you in a position where you'll never fear any version control scenario again. I think this is the best Git course out there. Colt Steele's delivery is as always not the most exciting, but good enough to keep you engaged. Because of this courses position as the best course out there on Git, I give it a 5 out of 5.