Course card for Accessibility for Everyone by Amy Kapernick.

Review: Accessibility For Everyone

Ethan Glover

Accessibility should not be a separate course. It doesn't need to be a separate course. At the end of the day it is no different and no more complicated than development itself. Learning accessibility should be a part of learning HTML and CSS.

But that's not how it is. Most courses ignore the subject entirely. And we're left with developers who never bother because they never learned the basics.

Personal rants aside, Amy Kapernick is here to save the day. This course is a simple, fast, but has thorough enough coverage of the basics to get started with accessibility. There are points through the course where it seems Amy sounds a bit tired of talking, I think she could put more effort into bringing some energy to the subject. A good, positive attitude can be infectious for a subject. But she speaks clearly, has a sensible curriculum and it's plenty to get the job done.

The course itself could probably be more in-depth, it still seems as if when most developers go through this course the lessons taught likely won't stick. I don't know if this is the fault of this particular course or the fault of bigger, more exciting courses for not handling accessibility issues throughout all of their projects.

But I think this is fair to keep in mind. If this course were given more meat, maybe had an auditing project to follow along with, it would have more appeal.

But the knowledge is competent, Amy is a good presenter, and this information is very much needed. I give Amy Kapernick's Accessibility For Everyone a 4 out of 5.