Jayson Lennon's Go Programming Course

Review: Go Programming: The Complete Developer's Guide,

Ethan Glover

Zero To Mastery hasn't been doing well. Ever since Andrei Neagoie decided to make ZTM more than just his courses, quality has been dropping with every new course.

Jayson Lennon is the instructor behind the newest Rust and Go courses and the formula for both is the same. He reads off some powerpoint slides describing the code he's about to write. Then in the next video he writes that code. The code, by the way, never applies to an application it's just simple examples to cover basic concepts.

It's like watching someone read the documentation and typing it out. It doesn't make sense. Imagine if this is how you learned a new language. You visit the documentation website. Read a paragraph, then type it into an editor. Then move on. It's not only a slow and boring way to read docs, but it's not a useful strategy.

For people who learn best by video, this is not helpful. For people who learn best by reading text, they're better off reading the documentation. This course doesn't seem to be for anyone.

The courses that make it to my recommended list and get a 5 out of 5 rating are taught by charismatic, experienced devs and usually intelligently integrate concepts into large projects.

For the conceptual courses like Advanced JavaScript or Stephen Grider's TypeScript course, the concepts are still covered in code. Always explained in the context of code you might actually write.

By the time I got to the mid point of Lennon's Go course I didn't feel like I was learning anything. To be fair, this course is obviously geared towards people learning to program for the very first time. All of ZTM's language courses are. There is simply nothing for intermediate to advanced developers beyond vanilla JavaScript.

But even for a beginner, this is the classic example of the sort of course that leaves people bored and unmotivated. Because the course itself is boring and unmotivated.

It's disappointing, but as someone who once dropped $800 on a lifetime membership to Zero To Mastery, I have to start recommending to avoid the site altogether. Get the few good courses they have on Udemy, don't waste your time on the subscription.

There's not a lot of Go courses out there, and this may be good enough if you HAVE to learn Go right now. Because of that, Jayson Lennon's Go Programming Language (Golang): A Complete Developer's Guide get's a 2 out of 5.