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Review: Linux Command Line Bootcamp

Ethan Glover

Colt Steele has a talent for approaching boring topics. It's easier to create a fun and exciting course when it's writing out small portfolio projects or doing an ecommerce store. But Git and the Linux Command line are not exactly exciting. Colt's Git & Github Bootcamp course is the course to take on Git and now, his Linux Command Line Bootcamp is the course to take on the subject.

Without a doubt the course will be going on my recommended list. However, it may seem odd how low on that list it will be placed. I will not be recommending to learn the linux command line early as I do with Postman and Git. The reason is simple, get used to working with Windows tools (PowerShell) and a proper IDE first.

Courses on that list will help with what's needed for the course. Advanced usage of the linux command line will not become relevant until you're working with Docker images and CI/CD. Until then, don't worry about Linux at all.

With that note out of the way, Colt Steele's consistent high performance in presentation and the in depth, knowledgeable coverage of the linux command line means The Linux Command Line Bootcamp gets a 5 out of 5.

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