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Review: Mastering TypeScript

Ethan Glover

Colt Steele is, as always, a great teacher. He is likely the most approachable instructor I know for beginners. While I really like Stephen Griders' TypeScript course due to its focus on design patterns, it never felt like a proper, easy introduction to TypeScript. I think that's exactly what this course provides. But is it needed?

This course introduces you to TypeScript as a language and how to use it. And to be honest, you could do this yourself after you've learned JavaScript. If you know JS well, do you really need a course to explain TS's simple syntax? Likely, at this point, you're ok with referencing documentation as you go.

That's my only small gripe with this course. I feel like it could have gone more in depth on how to REALLY take advantage of TS beyond basic type safety. As mentioned before I'm not sure JavaScript developers need such a beginner level course on TypeScript. And if you don't know JavaScript, you probably shouldn't start with TypeScript.

I feel like Colt had an opportunity to take things to a more advanced level than most of his courses. Maybe get into writing and reading complex types. At the end of the day this is a very basic overview of types, enums, classes and generics. Type safety to it's most basic level.

How do you add type definitions to a third party library that doesn't have them? What about TypeScript's utility types? What the hell is this supposed to be?

1type Diff<T extends string | number | symbol, U extends string> = (
2  { [P in T]: P }
3  & { [P in U]: never }
4  & { [x: string]: never }
5  & { [x: number]: never }

I feel like anyone prepared to learn TypeScript are likely to be disappointed with the basic rundown this course provides. But the course is well done and well taught. So I can't knock it too much. That's why I give Colt Steele's Mastering TypeScript a 4 out of 5.