Valentin Despa giving a talk at Post

Review: Postman The Complete Guide

Ethan Glover

Of every course to have landed on my recommendation list, Valentin Despa has the most boring, tired presentation. This course isn't easy to get through. It's not an exciting subject to begin with, and the instructor doesn't do anything to make it better. That said, it has been on and remains on my list of recommended courses. Simply because being comfortable with Postman, and more importantly API testing, is a vital skill that you won't find a lot of quality courses for. This course is so detailed that it's referenced in the Postman documentation. It goes over every feature you can think of. Variables, Chai assertions, mock servers, automating tests, and so on.

That being said, this is basically a rundown of the Postman documentation. I would argue that doing this course is better than spending a weekend going through every point in those docs, but regardless, the course could be better. For example, by using a large project that can be cloned from GitHub and testing a variety of endpoints. And using that project throughout the entire duration of the course. Instead, it uses some example APIs to build on, but those never fully flesh out. Instead of one project that builds on the knowledge gained as you go, you hop between small examples for different categories. Not to beat a dead horse, but this is the structure of following documentation word for word. So you never get a full picture of everything you've learned. The instructor doesn't seem to have put as much effort into creating a coherent, smooth structure as I've seen in some of the best courses.

I can't complain about that point too much. Even if I consider it to be a major issue. This course is a worthwhile investment. And probably the best course on Postman out there. Valentin Despa is competent and keeps things up to date without too many thrown-in-patch videos that feel out of place. Postman is a foundational skill just about every developer needs today. And this course will take your knowledge beyond most professional devs. A junior developer could take the lessons from this course and bring a lot of value to a company that doesn't realize how useful Postman is. (And this is most companies.)

Despite poor delivery and a follow the docs structure, this is a competent course on a good subject so I'm giving it a 4 out of 5.