Testing with Cypress by Scott Tolinski

Review: Testing With Cypress

Ethan Glover

When courses cover testing it's typically one or two videos covering setup and a sample test, then it's completely ignored for the rest of the course. All these full stack courses that span 30-60 hours of building one large project and they don't include testing. Like accessibility, testing is a very important, necessary, and an often uncovered aspect of development.

Cypress is an awesome modern testing tool that allows you to write and generate E2E tests. Scott's rundown of it's features are thorough and quick. This course will get you up and running with Cypress with best practices in pretty short order.

The only thing this course really lacks is depth. Again, it would be better if every thing were tested in Wes Bos' Advanced React course. He would probably argue that's asking too much. But like accessibility I think tests are such a fundamental part of development, you shouldn't be writing code without tests.

If this course focused less on a being a quick rundown of Cypress and it's features and more on testing a project (normalizing Cypress as part of the normal flow of development) this would be a better course in my opinion. But Scott is a great presenter and he's obviously knowledgeable on Cypress. Which is why I give Scott Tolinski's Testing With Cypress a 4 out of 5.