Learn Web Dev

I have been maintaining this list of course for over 4 years. It's meant as a way to provide a straightforward curriculum of what you need to learn for web development. It's updated constantly but at any given point in time, I believe this is the best way to get started with, and learn everything you need to know to work with the web.

What about free sources like Odin Project? If free learning resources were at the same quality of the paid courses found on this list, they'd be here. I do not use affiliate links, there is 0 incentive for me to suggest any particular source. The Odin Project looks very thorough on the outside to beginners, but it's dialogue around being the “proper way to learn” because it links to documentation is misleading. As courses in this list will also link to that same documentation and give you the same advice. Yes, you need to read documentation, in fact React's official documentation is on this list. But it's simply not enough to gain the context, mental models, and advice that can be provided by experienced, quality instructors.